About Núna ehf.

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Unlike many Icelandic words, Núna is easy to pronounce: new nuh. At least it’s easier than pronouncing Eyjafjallajökull.

Núna ehf. provides its clients outstanding value through products and services that begin with a solid foundation of proven and reliable technologies, then builds on that foundation by incorporating innovative and efficient ideas and processes, and finally capping it off with an effective solution that delivers the desired results today, while always cognizant of remaining flexible and dynamic in order to accommodate our clients’ future needs.

Who We Are

Since 1994, Núna ehf. (or Now Inc. in English), a private Icelandic company located in Borgarnes, West Iceland, has specialized in creative, professional, and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by ever-evolving technology.

Our Mission

Núna strives to empower individuals and businesses of all sizes by removing the technological roadblocks on their journey along the digital highway.

What We Do

How can Núna help you?

Regardless of the type or level of support you require, Núna utilizes the same successful, proven process implemented in and trusted since 1994.








Why Choose Núna?

Nearly 30 years in business and over a century of combined experience in delivering exactly what our customers ask for has made Núna a popular partner when it comes to planning, designing, creating, and implementing web content. 

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Enterprise-grade hardware, coupled with redundant networking and storage infrastructure, all backed by our near-100% infrastructure uptime SLA. Launch your server now FOR FREE!

Security is a top priority, and something Núna takes VERY seriously. That’s why we universally recommend using a virtual private server (VPS). All our VPSs are fully managed, including security and firewall rules to protect your website from unwanted visitors 24/7. Launch a fully-managed VPS free for 3 days without obligation.

All virtual private servers (VPSs) run the latest stable server operating systems, PHP, MySQL, and more. You decide which version of PHP to use for your site, along with many other settings options. PHP versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0 are currently available. 24/7/365 help is available. Launch a free VPS right now.

Your website is securely and automatically backed up daily. Núna empowers clients to perform on-demand or additional automated backups of their entire site, or only parts of it, at any time. Such backups are stored in standard ZIP file formats. This ensures the files are usable even if your website becomes completely unusable.

Núna has experienced graphic artists specializing in scalable vector graphics (SVG) and other web-friendly image formats, developers for Joomla, WordPress, and other CMSs, programmers fluent in most all PHP frameworks, and many other professionals ready to deliver the best solution to meet your requirements. Contact Núna now.

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